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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Ship I'll Be Sailin.

Tomorrow i'll leave and travel rough seas
with no one left to save me,
I will find my way forever a day and deliver
myself to a foriegners shore,
where the summers will last as the years go
past in search of what ive been lookin for.

If the winds should change and call your name
to the rough seas i'll be sailin once more.

Im a man thats old and my treasures not gold
but a woman who shines in my eyes like a gem,
on return will you stay, will you turn me away
to a time i remember these words you once said...

"I have crashed before on a rocky shore,
now your heart bound with
solace could not climb this sheer wall,
for I am to travel you see before I am to find me
and make that mistake never once more".

...and with these words once said i'll turn my head
to fight through those storms like so many before,
without giving me in i'll wear this ship thin
so both you and I can stand on one shore.

I'll sail away these days till I forget my name,
for the thought that I hold could bury my soul,
I've not much left within, only bearing my sins,
this part of my life that has made me,
shall I swallow my pride to have you by my side
can I hold your hand on this journey,
for the sun will always shine
as we pass through low tides,
without you this ship will never save me.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Greig, this is really beautiful..... Its no "Hot Chile Dog" but did make me shed a tear and wished there was more to read. xxx